Green Roofs

Inspiration from around the World

Green roof benefits:

Chicago City Hall – rozdíly teplot 40°C

  • Overheating reduction
  • Rainwater Retention – up to 95% – reduces stormwater runoff and filters pollutants
  • Reduction of CO2 – 5kg/m2/rok
  • Cleans the air – Reduction of Dust and Smog Levels
  • Increased Lifespan of Roof by protecting roof surface from harmful UV rays, protection against mechanical damage, temperature fluctuation and acid rain degradation
  • Insulates (up to 25%) and cools (up to 75%) building, reducing utility costs on heating and cooling
  • Reduce the fee for stormwater in municipalities that have split fees for water and sewerage
  • Reduced Noise Levels (Sound Proofing barrier)
  • Improving the microclimate dust binding, equalizing the temperature, humidity regulation
  • Reduces “Urban Heat Island Effect” by cooling urban environment through evaporative transpiration
  • Increase utilization of roof surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing

What to think about when planning the green roof:

  • Possible roof structure load (how much weight the roof can hold)
  • Aesthetics – what I like
  • How much financial resources I wish to invest

More info on Green Roofs here.

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  • Free consultancy on possible solutions for your specific case
  • Free cost estimate
  • Green Roof Installation. All layers from waterproofing to planting or just some of them. Everything depends on customer wish
  • Supply of material, incl. plants
  • Green Roof Maintenance

Green Roof Subsidy

From January 2017 you can apply for a Green Roof Subsidy. Contribution is 500Kč/m2 of the green roof area. More info can be found at „Nová zelená úsporám“ Price of green roof does not have to be high.