Green Roofs

Inspiration from around the World

Green roof benefits:

Chicago City Hall – rozdíly teplot 40°C

  • Overheating reduction
  • Rainwater Retention – up to 95% – reduces stormwater runoff and filters pollutants
  • Reduction of CO2 – 5kg/m2/rok
  • Cleans the air – Reduction of Dust and Smog Levels
  • Increased Lifespan of Roof by protecting roof surface from harmful UV rays, protection against mechanical damage, temperature fluctuation and acid rain degradation
  • Insulates (up to 25%) and cools (up to 75%) building, reducing utility costs on heating and cooling
  • Reduce the fee for stormwater in municipalities that have split fees for water and sewerage
  • Reduced Noise Levels (Sound Proofing barrier)
  • Improving the microclimate dust binding, equalizing the temperature, humidity regulation
  • Reduces “Urban Heat Island Effect” by cooling urban environment through evaporative transpiration
  • Increase utilization of roof surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing

What to think about when planning the green roof:

  • Possible roof structure load (how much weight the roof can hold)
  • Aesthetics – what I like
  • How much financial resources I wish to invest


More info on Green Roofs here.


Free maintenance on roofs with Sedum plants now!

Project Gallery


  • Free consultancy on possible solutions for your specific case
  • Free cost estimate
  • Green Roof Installation. All layers from waterproofing to planting or just some of them. Everything depends on customer wish
  • Supply of material, incl. plants
  • Green Roof Maintenance. For roofs with Sedum plants we offer maintenance first two years only for price of transport. That includes two visits, getting rid of weeds, adding missing plants if necessary.

Green Roof Subsidy

From January 2017 you can apply for a Green Roof Subsidy. Contribution is 500Kč/m2 of the green roof area. More info can be found at „Nová zelená úsporám“ Price of green roof does not have to be high.