Thermography – thermal imager measurement

We provide measurements of heat loss using quality thermal imaging camera Fluke Ti10 American manufacturer.

In addition to the infrared image it also records a digital image and allows these images to blend together, thus greatly simplifies the analysis of infrared images. Thermal sensitivity of 0.1°C. Temperature range -20°C to 250°C.

Sample Infrared images

What you can detect using thermal imager?

  • Deficiencies in building insulation, faulty made insulation
  • Poor sealing windows or doors
  • Thermal bridges
  • Hidden leaks in the building envelope
  • Control of construction works
  • Defects in floor heating
  • Defects in electrical installations – overheating switchgear, cables, circuit breakers, motors
  • Defects in photovoltaic and thermal panels
  • Defects in insulation heating pipes and tanks
  • Problems in the venting system

When to perform measurements?

Defects in the insulation or heating systems can be detected during heating season, i.e. in winter period. Measurement can be carried out in the dark. The temperature difference between the outside and the inside should be at least 15°C. Defects in electrical installations, photovoltaic panels and the like, it is possible to detect all year round.

What involves the measurement of thermal imaging?

  • Images of the exterior and interior of the building (or required appliances) in the visible and infrared spectrum
  • Analysis of the images (marking the hottest and coldest places or temperature at any point in the image)
  • Report in PDF format

Price list:

  • Family house: 1500Kč (approx. 30-60 pictures, PDF protocol, all on CD)
  • Other buildings (apartment buildings, manufacturing space….): individual calculation
  • Problem solving analysis, recommendation of repair works: 350Kč/hod
  • Transport: 5Kč/km